#PeaceRocks you guys! And it will also bring meditation and healing to a person in-need. Upload a picture of yourself flashing the peace sign to Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or Facebook, with #PeaceRocks, and @johnvarvatos & @davidlynchfoundation! For every post, the generous and amazing designer, John Varvatos will donate $1 to the “Ringo Starr Peace & Love Fund” to help teach Transcendental Meditation to women of domestic abuse, at-risk youth, veterans suffering from PTSD, inmates, and more, throughout the nation. So please start snapping: Let’s spread Peace for a wonderful cause!

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Father You See Queen—a duo who are among a group of Minnesota artists making experimental but accessible music—have joined with New York video artist Maria Juranic to create a new video for their song “Oceans.” We’re proud to premiere this 3D video, which was funded via Kickstarter.

get your red-and-blue glasses ready